Blechexpo 2023 Trade Fair

The smart path to your digital smart factory

We warmly welcome you to take this crucial path towards more efficiency and productivity.

At our booth at Blechexpo 2023 trade fair (hall 6, booth 6423), we will show you how to produce even more efficiently and how we can support you in selecting suitable solutions for the digital factory. We pave the way to your successful Smart Factory with our MES Software EMC.

We enable smart manufacturing

With more than 25 years of experience and expertise, we know the market and the needs of the industry exactly. Based on this, we have been pursuing a consistent product strategy for decades and thus manage to optimally adapt our MES Software EMC to all challenges and individually to your production.

Ready to take this path together?

Blechexpo 2023 Trade Fair: The digital smart factory
Your guarantee for more efficiency and productivity

Konsequente digitale Erfassung der Daten
Consistent digitalization

There are no media breaks in the digital factory. The MES Software EMC ensures that data is digitally captured wherever it is generated and enters the system directly. This is achieved through a simple machine connection with low code features. The captured data from the machines is compatible with the existing ERP system and directly networked.

We show you how we reliably capture data from machines of different manufacturers, years of construction and machine controls. No matter how old or intelligent the machines are.

Digital shopfloor management

Transparency and efficiency are top priorities in the digital stamping plant. The MES Software EMC digitally maps all processes such as production meetings, checklists and information overviews. Applications such as Information Dashboard and Shopfloor Monitor provide information in real time – both at the workstation and mobile or on the shop floor monitor.

We show you how you can visually provide your production staff with exactly the information they need for their work.

Übergreifendes Fertigungscontrolling
Digital. Einfach. Machen! Verbesserungspotentiale über Reports erkennen
Efficient resource management and production controlling

In the digital factory, everything runs according to plan and can be tracked at any time. The MES Software EMC provides the ultimate transparency in manufacturing with key figures and configurable evaluations. For analyses and optimization measures, EMC accesses a wide range of historical data. The use of machines, tools, material and energy is consistently documented, continuously monitored and reliably evaluated.

We will show you why reliable key figures are essential for a successful improvement process and how you can quickly identify further savings potential with flexible evaluations.

Precise machine assignment with navigation functionality

Machine assignment planning is always up-to-date thanks to the integrated Navi functionality. It automatically adapts your planning to the current order progress of the machine and visualizes the current plan sequence of the orders digitally on the MES terminal at the machines and in the shopfloor dashboard. In addition, the order is registered directly via the displayed plan list.

We will show you how you can create, edit and display a resource-optimized machine assignment directly on the machine terminal without the use of separately printed production lists.

Zielgenaue Maschinenbelegung mit Navi-Funktionalität
Papierlos fertigen
Paperless manufacturing: Information and documents available digitally everywhere

The digital provision of important information on terminals or mobile devices eliminates the need for paper on the shop floor. In addition, the employee adds his experience and information directly on site without leaving his place at the machine. New information on the order, article and machine is continuously entered, supplemented and expanded. This collected knowledge is thus available for the next work steps, other employees or the next orders at any time.

We will show you solutions for making documents, information and existing knowledge from your own production available at the right places in the company at all times.

Optimal maintenance strategies with digital maintenance

Necessary maintenance measures are carried out in the digital factory at the best possible time. The MES Software EMC ensures transparency in the use of machines, tools and test equipment through consistent process monitoring of maintenance, repairs and servicing. The optimal time for maintenance and repair measures is determined without gaps and all measures are documented.

We will show you how you can start, perform and document maintenance of machines or tools simply by scanning a QR code.

Optimale Instandhaltungsstrategien
Interlocked intralogistics and seamless traceability
Interlocked intralogistics and seamless traceability

Production and intralogistics work hand in hand. The MES Software EMC can seamlessly document material usage in terms of traceability to meet regulatory requirements. EMC consistently monitors and optimizes inventories during ongoing production. Quantities are reliably transferred from Machine Data Acquisition.

We show you how you can easily print out the goods receipt/issue slip directly from the machine terminal. Quantities, batches, containers, etc. can be traced as required via the QR code.

In combination with EMC KnowledgeBase, further stored information can travel with each container in addition to the unique identification.

For digitalization that increases efficiency.
With MES Software EMC that just does it.

The innovative MES Software EMC from iT Engineering Manufacturing Solutions GmbH has many more options for cleverly digitizing your production and thus optimizing numerous processes. Whether holistically or step-by-step, EMC enables digital control of processes on the shopfloor. And this is individually tailored to your production and your needs.

Benefit from continuous further development including regular updates during operation. As a strong partner for digitalization, we are always at your side and support you with professional consulting, ongoing support, training and coaching of your employees, and much more.

Start digital now!

Mit der MES-Software EMC in die digitale Zukunft Ihrer Stanzerei
Mit der MES-Software EMC in die digitale Zukunft Ihrer Stanzerei

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We are looking forward to your visit at our booth no. 6423 in hall 6 at Blechexpo 2023 trade fair and to exciting discussions about the various possibilities of the digital smart factory with the MES Software EMC. Get an idea on site of how you can also advance your stamping company with smart networked manufacturing.