On March 29, 2022, our LiVE presentation of the MES Software EMC “Bye-bye machine downtime” took place at the KIST Competence and Innovation Center

Around 20 participants at “Bye-bye machine downtime” were enthusiastic about the possibilities of digital networking with the MES Software EMC, which makes it very easy to avoid unnecessary machine downtime due to tool maintenance.

Everyone knows by now that the implementation of digital transformation with the help of MES & Co. has become established in industry.
But does this also work for your company and the stamping industry?

We say yes!

There is enormous potential in the digitalization of a stamping facility. And that is why we offered interested parties the opportunity to experience the LiVE digital transformation in practice at the KIST Competence and Innovation Center for Stamping Technology in Dortmund. Participants were able to experience from the front row and under real conditions what opportunities and potential smart networked manufacturing offers for their stamping company.

You would like to get a LiVE impression of our MES Software EMC yourself?

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