Freshly published: Our latest expert article “Easy energy metering?” in the current wire 2024 pre-fair issue (1/2024) of DRAHT magazine.

In our expert article “Easy energy metering?” published in the German DRAHT magazine, we report on how you can reliably record, evaluate and visualize energy values automatically with the MES Software EMC. This makes it easy to determine important energy performance indicators (EnPI) and use the reporting module to create and distribute meaningful analyses and reports.

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Easy energy metering?

Good energy efficiency in production is crucial. Not least because of the EU’s climate policy goals, it is essential to continuously monitor and optimize your own energy use. It is important to record, visualize and analyse excessive energy consumption and waste in your own production. This is precisely where the smart MES Software EMC from iT Engineering Manufacturing Solutions GmbH comes in.

Automated energy recording, evaluation and visualization

All recorded energy values, either directly from the machines or via easy-to-install additional hardware, are continuously collected in the MES solution. Functions such as the display of energy performance indicators (EnPI), from which meaningful analyses and reports can be created and distributed using the reporting module. The key figures can also be displayed and used directly in production via large screens. This contributes significantly to employee motivation to track energy consumption on the shopfloor and create an awareness of the sustainable use of energy.

“The correlations between energy data and data from machines, production, articles and orders allow us to derive valuable insights and potential improvements for optimized energy efficiency in production in many areas,” says Harald Kimmerle, Managing Director of iT Engineering Manufacturing Solutions GmbH.

Using key energy figures correctly

A large number of relevant energy key figures can be reliably determined and displayed using the MES Software EMC and thus meet the requirements of DIN ISO 50001. The specific use case is crucial for the efficient creation of key figures.

In addition to absolute energy consumption in production or electricity consumption per reference value, specific energy consumption can also be determined or consumption reports created. The calculation can easily be broken down to each production unit manufactured. This provides meaningful values, for example to compare the energy consumption of different machines or to determine order and article-related energy consumption measurements of different work processes.

Smart energy management pays off

The program of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) promotes the establishment or use of energy management systems. “Our energy management with the MES Software EMC meets the requirements of the federal funding for energy and resource efficiency in industry,” confirms Harald Kimmerle. “Make the most of your opportunities and benefit from more efficient measurement and monitoring of your energy resources.”

In addition to energy management, the MES Software EMC offers many other options for digitizing processes on the shopfloor and thus increasing efficiency and productivity in production.

Expert article: Easy energy metering?