Happy new yearly update 2024

The yearly update 2024 of the MES Software EMC from iT Engineering Manufacturing Solutions has arrived: With the latest version 3.4 of our MES solutions we once again offer you many more options and new as well as extended functionalities for the digitalization of processes on your shopfloor.

The yearly update includes, among other things

  • a modern revision of the icons and colors
  • integration of work processes in the EMC.KnowledgeBase module
  • definition of custom colors for interruption reasons and the target range of occupancy levels
  • easily duplicate resources in EMC.Data with all information
  • extended functions for the maintenance module, e.g. adding several images for a resource in EMC.Maintenance, defining sorting sequences or displaying and correcting performed maintenance in the digital lifecycle card
  • and much more!

We continuously optimize the performance of the MES Software EMC for you, integrate new functionalities and support you with a smooth installation and realization. Our software maintenance ensures that you always work with the latest software and technology.

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The yearly update 2024 of the MES Software EMC