You can find our latest expert article ” Bundle information and make it available” in the current 4/2022 issue of WIRE magazine.

In our expert article ” Bundle information and make it available” published in WIRE magazine, we report on how you can use our newly developed EMC KnowledgeBase module of the smart MES Software EMC to make important information available digitally and paperlessly wherever it is needed and, in addition, also add to it directly.

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Bundle information and make it available – without paper

Hand on heart: How many papers and printouts of the most diverse content can be found on your shopfloor every day? And how much time, effort and cost are involved in creating and providing them? Often there is a veritable flood of folders, printouts with work instructions, drawings, order papers, article data or goods accompanying documents for every order. Is this flood effective? Does it simplify work on the shopfloor? How can it be done better?

Efficient provision

The smarter way is the simple, digital provision of relevant information and documents for each order. “The goal is to make important information available digitally and paperlessly wherever it is needed and also to be able to add to it directly there,” says Harald Kimmerle, IT expert and Managing Director of iT Engineering Manufacturing Solutions GmbH.

A great deal of information such as drawings, work instructions, etc. often already exists in digital form in the existing document management system, but is still printed out manually, sorted into folders, distributed and archived again. And this is done anew for each order. To break this cycle, an efficient solution is needed to enable access via links to existing files, information and specifications from work preparation, to add information, supplement it and make it available in bundled form.

The solution: EMC KnowledgeBase

The new EMC KnowledgeBase module of the established MES Software EMC addresses exactly this issue. “Today, the digital factory functions almost paperless without separate printouts or physical order folders,” Harald Kimmerle knows. “This saves every employee a lot of time that was previously spent searching for, finding or printing out the necessary files, drawings or instructions and thus ensures that important information is not lost and is available where it is needed.”

Access and complement directly at the terminal

With EMC KnowledgeBase, relevant information on orders, articles and machines can be easily displayed on the terminal. This can be information specified in the work preparation such as images, texts, drawings, documents, work instructions or order papers.

In addition, information can also be added and supplemented on an ongoing basis, directly on the shop floor. “Without leaving their place at the machine, the worker can simply enter new information. Important instructions and notes are thus not lost in the next batch, but are available digitally and without detours for upcoming work steps or follow-up orders,” explains Harald Kimmerle.

Goodbye accompanying container label

The ability to pass on and add to information in a smart way opens up completely new possibilities in the digital factory. The stored data records and information can be used, for example, to uniquely identify parts and containers on the shop floor. “The information travels with each container,” says the IT expert. “Goods receipt slips, which are otherwise printed out umpteen times for all containers and filled out by hand, are a thing of the past, and sources of error are reduced.”

The content of the goods label created and printed out from the system can be tailored individually and, in addition to the order and container number, can also contain, for example, the number of pieces, the current and next work sequence, or the location.

Parts and containers uniquely, paperlessly and digitally identifiable

Scanning the QR code provides the same data, information and documents at any time as at the terminal. “This guarantees maximum transparency, efficiency and traceability,” says Harald Kimmerle. “With our MES Software EMC and its functions, we are not only heralding the end of the paper flood on the shopfloor, but also creating important synergies between planning, production, container management and beyond.”

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