Stanztec 2024 Trade Fair

Implement digital manufacturing in the stamping factory successfully

From June 25 to 27, 2024, the 7th Stanztec 2024 trade fair for stamping technology will take place at the Congress Centrum Pforzheim.

At our booth A14 in the large hall, we will show you how the smart networked information flow works in the digital stamping factory, how you can simplify and optimize your processes and thus significantly increase the efficiency of your production. The MES Software EMC from iT Engineering Manufacturing Solutions GmbH paves the way to your successful smart factory.

Digitalization increases efficiency, productivity and sustainability

With around 30 years of experience and expertise, we know the market and the needs of the stamping technology industry inside out. Based on this, we have been pursuing a consistent product strategy for decades, enabling us to adapt our MES Software EMC optimally to all challenges and individually to your production.

We enable smart manufacturing

Our top topic for the Stanztec 2024 trade fair:
Digital maintenance of punching tools

Optimale Instandhaltungsstrategien
Optimal maintenance strategies with digital maintenance

Necessary maintenance measures are carried out in the digital factory at the best possible time. The MES Software EMC ensures transparency in the use of tools, test equipment and machines through consistent process monitoring of maintenance, repairs and servicing.

The optimum time for maintenance and servicing measures is determined seamlessly and all measures are documented.

Always in view: The current status of the tools in the dashboard

With digital maintenance, the tool department has a comprehensive overview of all tools at all times. Which tool is currently being serviced? Which tool is needed for the next order?

Every tool status can be quickly identified in the dashboard. By displaying the next orders together with the associated tools, upcoming maintenance can be better planned and scheduled. In the event of unplanned tool damage or repair, toolmaking staff are informed immediately and can intervene quickly. This significantly reduces downtimes and production can continue.

Current tool status in the dashboard
  • Wartung per QR-Code durchführen
  • Wartung manuell starten
Start and carry out maintenance easily and document it cleanly

Start tool maintenance either manually via the portal of the MES Software EMC or by scanning a QR code attached to the tool. In this way, all maintenance steps carried out can be fully documented in the digital life cycle card.

This provides important information at any time, such as which tool inserts are responsible for production downtimes. This enables the tool design department to access a wealth of data to optimize the tool, thereby helping to increase productivity and effectively avoid machine downtime due to unplanned maintenance.

More Stanztec 2024 trade fair highlights:
The digital factory with EMC can do even more

Machine Data Acquisition
Automated acquisition:
Consistent digitization

There are no media breaks in the digital factory. The MES Software EMC ensures that data is captured digitally wherever it is generated and fed directly into the system. This is achieved through a simple machine connection with low-code features. The data collected from the machines is compatible with the existing ERP system and directly networked.

We will show you how we reliably capture data from machines from different manufacturers, years of manufacture and machine control systems. No matter how old or intelligent the machines are.

React immediately:
Digital shopfloor management

Transparency and efficiency are paramount in the digital stamping shop. The MES Software EMC digitally maps all processes such as production meetings, checklists and information overviews. Applications such as Information Dashboard and Shopfloor Monitor provide information in real time – both at the workstation and on the shopfloor monitor.

We will show you how you can visually provide your employees in production with exactly the information they need for their work.

Digital shopfloor monitoring
Recognize potential faster:
Efficient resource management and production controlling

In the digital factory, everything runs according to plan and can be tracked at any time. The MES Software EMC provides key figures and configurable evaluations for ultimate transparency in production. EMC accesses a wide range of historical data for analyses and optimization measures. The use of machines, tools, materials and energy is consistently documented, continuously monitored and reliably evaluated.

We will show you why reliable key figures are essential for a successful improvement process and how you can quickly identify further savings potential with flexible evaluations.

Schedule machines with navigation:
Precise machine allocation with navigational functions

Thanks to the integrated navigational functionality, the planning of machine occupancy is always up-to-date. It automatically adapts your planning to the current order progress of the machine and visualizes the current plan sequence of the orders digitally at the MES terminal on the machines and in the shopfloor dashboard. In addition, the order is registered directly via the displayed plan list.

We will show you how you can create and edit a resource-optimized machine assignment and display it directly on the machine terminal without using separately printed production lists.

How to plan machine occupancy more realistic?
Work paperless
Work paperless:
Information and documents digitally available everywhere

The digital provision of important information on terminals or mobile devices makes paper superfluous in production. In addition, employees can add their experience and information directly on site without having to leave their workstation at the machine. New information on the order, article and machine is continuously entered, supplemented and expanded. This collected knowledge is thus available at all times for the next work steps, other employees or the next orders.

We will show you solutions for making documents, information and existing knowledge from your own production available at the right places in the company at all times.

Save precious energy:
Smart energy management on the shopfloor

All recorded energy values, directly from the machines or via special IIoT hardware, converge in EMC and can therefore be integrated and accessed in the system. Functions such as the display of energy key figures can be displayed and used at any time on the existing MES terminals on the shopfloor in addition to the desktop in the portal. The correlations between energy data and data from machines, production, articles and orders allow valuable insights and potential for improvement to be derived for better energy efficiency in production in many areas.

We will show you how you can reliably record, visualize and analyse all the energy values of the machines for more sustainability in your production and a conscious use of the available energy.

Energy monitoring
Find containers smarter:
Interlinked intralogistics and seamless traceability

Production and intralogistics work hand in hand. The MES Software EMC can seamlessly document the use of materials in terms of traceability in order to meet regulatory requirements. EMC consistently monitors and optimizes stocks during ongoing production. The quantities are reliably transferred from Machine Data Acquisition.

We will show you how you can easily print out the goods receipt slip directly from the machine terminal. Quantities, batches, containers, etc. can be traced as required using the QR code.

In combination with EMC KnowledgeBase, in addition to the unique identification, other stored information can also travel with each container.

For digitalization that increases efficiency.
With the MES Software EMC that makes it easy.

The innovative MES Software EMC from iT Engineering Manufacturing Solutions GmbH has many more options for cleverly digitizing your production and thus optimizing and simplifying numerous processes. Whether holistically or step by step, EMC enables the digital control of processes on the shopfloor. And individually tailored to your production and your needs.

Benefit from continuous further development, including regular updates during operation. As a strong partner for digitalization, we are always at your side and support you with professional advice, ongoing support, training and coaching for your employees and much more.

Get started digitally now!

Mit der MES-Software EMC in die digitale Zukunft Ihrer Stanzerei
Mit der MES-Software EMC in die digitale Zukunft Ihrer Stanzerei

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Stanztec 2024 Trade Fair: Experience digitalization live

We look forward to seeing you at our booth no. A14 in the large hall at Stanztec 2024 trade fair and to exciting discussions about the many possibilities of the digital factory with the MES Software EMC. Come and see for yourself how you can advance your stamping shop with smart networked production.