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Digitalization in production is nothing new. And yet it is not always entirely clear how to tackle the topic and what can actually be digitized in production. But it’s actually quite simple.

In the run-up to the Stamping Technology Congress and wire 2024, we want to show you how you can easily digitize your factory with an MES info series. Find out how you can achieve greater efficiency and productivity in your production with simple means and smart connections.

In our multi-part MES info series, we show you how smart networking in the digital factory simply works and how you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization. What opportunities does the digitalization of production processes offer? How can this sustainably increase productivity and efficiency in your production?

Episode 1 of the MES info series
Episode 1 of the MES info series

We start with episode 1 and show you how the perfect interplay between ERP and MES has a positive effect on productivity.

Every system, whether ERP or MES (Manufacturing Execution System), has its own unique selling points. In practice, ERP systems are now standard for everything to do with order management or work planning. However, the introduction and establishment of an ERP is often lengthy and costly.

The situation is different with MES. Compared to an ERP, this can be introduced quickly and without great effort within a few weeks. All machines and workstations on the shopfloor are reliably connected and networked. This means that all production data is seamlessly recorded, processed and reported back to the ERP.

The automated, bidirectional exchange between ERP and machine control reliably generates information flows for all processes involved in production. All with the aim of enabling efficient production and manufacturing.

And this is exactly what the interplay of ERP in combination with a smart MES solution makes possible.

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